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HOW IT WORKS – Terms and conditions

Planning Regulations limit the number of children participating to 15, including siblings of the birthday child.

Depending on the group size and ages, we will operate with an appropriate number of FS Leaders and/or assistants. Our Forest School operates without parents present, with the exception of the parents of the birthday child.  Guest parents are asked not to wander over the site – unless by prior agreement.

Birthday parents will take responsibility for ensuring that they:

  • have provided FS leaders with phone numbers of guests’ parents, in case of emergency
  • can advise the FS leaders of any special needs/allergies for any child.
  • Advise all children coming to be appropriately dressed for the outdoors, with trainers or boots and layers of clothing suitable for the weather on the day.  Nylon skirts are a fire danger. A change of clothes is not necessary at a party, unless it is forecast to be very wet or very hot.
  • Have told guests where and when to deliver their child, as timely arrival ensures no delay of activities.
  • Guide their guests off site promptly at the end of the party so staff can go home.
  • Parents are asked not to introduce any activities which have not been pre-agreed and will impact on the overall timing.

A programme of activities will be planned by agreement with the birthday child and the parents, appropriate to the age of the children coming.  Parties often end with a fire and cooking marshmallows but this must be at the discretion of the leaders.  If the weather is too hot or the group is too young it may be necessary to refrain from having a fire.

Forest School teaches children to respect the environment and never drop litter in the woods.  Sweet wrappings are discouraged and in preparing party food the aim should be to reduce single use plastic, aluminium foil, or other layers of wrapping.  Party group will clear up all they brought on site.

We aim to give children a fun time within the ethos of forest school.  The FS leaders will guide children on what is expected at FS, following the simple, but clear, rules designed for the safety of children. Children are encouraged to explore, to climb and to experience the joys of the woods.

A price for the party will be agreed for specific hours on a specific date.  The family are asked to pay 25% of the agreed price, as a non-refundable* deposit confirming the date/terms
The party will only be cancelled due to exceptionally bad weather, high winds or heavy rain.
Final payment should be made 14 days prior to the party.

All payments by on-line banking to Anne Martin,  Sort code 401310  Account No 42230461.

Any questions – please discuss with Anne Martin,