Short service of worship and time of games and activities

From 14.00 until 16.30

At Blacknest Forest School

Titness Park, Blacknest Gate Road, Sunninghill SL5 0PT

annemartin@blacknestforestschool.co.uk / +447739199900

FC is a fresh expression of church, drawing on much older traditions when sacred places were outside – but it is also drawing on contemporary research that highlights the benefits of spending time in nature. We meet to worship God, to pray simply in the Christian tradition and to participate in making this act of worship that connects with nature.  God is present in His Creation.   The worship will happen when your heart is caught up in the beauty of the moment.

Revd Steve Beak will lead us in word, song and in encouraging participation. 
Christ Church Virginia Water is the "home church" of this Forest Church.

It is open to everyone. If your children have come to Forest School and enjoyed the experience, then come as a family to discover the beauty of the place. Bring a Picnic Lunch and join in our act of worship at 3.0pm.   Tea will follow

Though we hope not to turn anyone away, it is important to know who will come so that we can organise appropriately. So PLEASE EMAIL ME WITH THOSE DETAILS - annemartin@blacknestforestschool.co.uk

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